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N.E., USA, Author and photographer

RTT Therapy Client’s testimonial

I had a pleasure to have Miss Janine Cera treat me with her special skills as a hypnotherapist.

This was my first ever experience with any kind of therapist and I am very impressed.

Janine made the whole experience very easy and comfortable. I got a feeling that I was in a kind, safe and caring place with her.

What I found specially reassuring about the session with Janine was that while under her care you are all the time aware of all that you or Janine are saying. You are conversing with Janine from your deeper consciousness but you are in control of what you are saying and you hear yourself answer her when she is taking you to different places of your past.
I was able to remember most of what we talked about later, but alas my poor memory is my problem.

There truly is none of that old stigma of Hypnosis that you sometimes see in some TV shows.

While under the hypnosis there was a moment that it came apparent that I had suppressed some old and painful memories that were probably the reason for my problem in the first place ie not remembering much of my past in certain years of my life. I was unable to bring the reason to the surface as it was too traumatic but no problem Janine very professionally steered me past that part without having to go down that painful memory lane, what ever it was.

I have never been a believer that reliving old horrors would supposedly somehow help me with a past traumatic experiences. This is the number one reason I have never gone to any kind of psychological therapy before. Janine kept me away from reliving the pain but yet she helped me to deal with it. I don’t know how she did it but I don’t have any negative feelings left from it, in fact I don’t have any feelings from that at all.

After our session she sent me a homework recording that I had to listen to every day. That homework with her excellent treatment has truly made my life better.

I recommend Janine to any and everyone who likes clarity in their lives or want to stop destructive behavior like smoking.

I am very much looking forward to her next treatment even if she is on the other side of the Atlantic.
— Iris S., Artist and Healer, Florida

I went to see Janine because I had taken on a new demanding role professionally and felt de-skilled and lacking in confidence. She helped me to see how my current experience had roots in my childhood and provided me with a powerful and effective alternative script. I noticed an immediate change in how I felt and acted at work, which became more embedded as I continued to listen to the audio recording. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a skilled, empathic and effective practitioner of a powerful transformational therapy.
— S.R., Charity Director, England
This was my first session with Janine and I was very impressed with her work. Having been in the personal growth movement for over thirty years, I speak from experience. She conducted the session with a calm authority that I felt very safe with. I knew I was in capable hands from the beginning.

Her ability to take me through the various brain states into deep hypnosis was remarkable. It was only a matter of seconds before I felt myself slipping through the layers of the subconscious and accessing the realms of my early childhood. It was that strange sensation of being awake while asleep, the twilight world where my deepest beliefs were created and stored - beliefs that have limited me in many ways in my adult life.

She helped me clear some of those limiting out-of-date beliefs and helped me access and understand the situations where they were formed. This allowed me to be my own parent, rather than subconsciously seek out parent figures to remain in the safe world of my child-mind. This was a very strong shift for me.

The only comment I would have about Janine’s work is that she speaks a little slower. As English is not her native language, it was sometimes hard to understand her. Other than that, I found her work very powerful and effective.

I can feel my self-confidence returning in ways that have been elusive for months, if not years. I recommend her highly and look forward to working with her again.
— Navyo Ericsen, Author, San Anselmo, CA, USA
Janine has unique qualities and skills, She immediately put me at ease, her voice is mellifluous and soothing and her skill at guiding the process, allowed me to recognise the thinking and tools I needed to move forward in my life. Toward the end of the session, as she brought me out of the hypnotic state, she was able to summarise the whole session in a way that consolidated my learning. The summary was recorded and I now have it to listen to as a reminder of my resolve. I would recommend her unconditionally – an hour with Janine is truly excellent value.
— Jane H., England, UK