What is RTT? How does it work? Why it is so effective and powerful?


I studied under one of the top hypnotherapists om the UK, Marisa Peer, who is the creator Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).


RTT is a regression under hypnosis that gets to the root cause of a problem and enables you to create and embed a positive alternative script.  This will enable you to live a live more fully connected to who you truly are and to realise your full potential.


Another way to look at it, would be to imagine your brain as the operating system of a computer.  Computers constantly upgrade their operating system so that they can run more efficiently and effectively in an ever changing environment.  Similarly our mind can be upgraded to reflect the true reality of who we are and the environment we live in.


There is the rational conscious mind that we use, and are aware of, every single day.  Underneath this there is a massive sub-conscious ‘operating system’ which holds all of our memories and beliefs.  This often impacts on our behaviour, mood and emotions without our conscious awareness.


Unfortunately we tend not to upgrade our minds, our thinking or belief systems.  This is why we can get stuck in old beliefs and unhelpful patterns.


RTT enables us to get to the operating system  (or sub-conscious mind) and enables us to upgrade or remove certain beliefs that don’t serve us any more, so that we experience more joy, happiness and productivity in our daily lives.


We process and make sense of our life through our rational conscious mind, however our subconscious mind will often undermine, over-rule or subvert our best conscious intentions.  So for example, we struggle to leave toxic partners or unhealthy habits behind.  Will power alone is not able to break the chains of habitual patterns or fears because it does not address the sub-conscious elements of our operating system.  This is why, so often, New Year’s resolutions vanish in a few months.  It is also why  we find ourselves in familiar situations, with the same types of relationship or unable to overcome addictions or phobias despite conscious efforts to change.


So in order to transform our lives for the better we need more than logic and will power.  We need to connect and direct our sub-conscious mind.  RTT is able to do this, rapidly effectively and easily and always in line with your true intentions for ourselves and our lives.


How does RTT works?


During RTT we access the sub-conscious mind using hypnosis.  Hypnotic trance is a completely natural state of inward focus.  It is an experience of flow state, this is similar to the state we are in when we are absorbed in a task so much that we don’t notice the passing of time, or don’t remember what happened as we drove home from work, or so engrossed in a movie or story that we forget about everyday reality.


In this hypnotic state we are always in control and are able to make choices about what we explore with our mind.  The critical part of our mind is quietened down so that we are able to understand more clearly where beliefs and other personal drivers have been formed.  This is how RTT helps us to change preconceptions and thoughts at a sub-conscious level.


There is a parallel here with an iceberg, where only 10% of the structure is seen above the water however the mass that is submerged in the ocean is what determines the direction of flow of the whole.  In this sense RTT is helping you to change those elements we are do not usually see and make conscious choices about our direction and sense of self. 


Typically, in just one session, and no more than four, we can bring about positive transformation in our lives.  RTT is designed to provide rapid relief and permanent results.


The work we do together is 40% of the process.   In this we will safely explore what it is that you want to change or achieve and then, partially through the use of hypnosis identify the underlying blocks, barriers and negative beliefs that have undermined you in the past.  I will create an alternative  personalised script for you that during our each session. You are likely to notice benefits straight away.  However  you will then need to listen to this for 21 days for it to become embedded in your sub-conscious mind and form true habitual changed patterns of behaviour and thought.  This is so effective because listening to the recording helps lay down new pathways and connection between neurons.  As these pathways become regularly used and taken new ways of being and living become second nature.


Each session and each recording is completely individual and tailor made. 


Why I use RTT?


I am passionate and committed to this work because I know from my own experience, both as a recipient and as a practitioner that it brings about radical and permanent change.  I want to help people to believe in themselves and be free of limiting beliefs and destructive habits so that they can fulfil their potential and be happy.